Tongues as the Initial Evidence of Receiving the Holy Ghost

Delivered By
Pastor Connell
Delivered On
November 19, 2020
Thursday Night Bible Study
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Study Notes/Handout

On this Thursday night Bible study Pastor Connell begins with a discussion of Jesus' interaction with Nicodemus in John 3, and the context of the discussion on being "born again," that is, "born of water and of the Spirit;" as well as the famous John 3:16 that so many take completely out of its context.  He then moves into the great commission to preach the Gospel, what the Gospel is, and how we see the "water and Spirit" come into play throughout the book of The Acts of the Apostles (Acts).  He then examines, through a proper analysis of the texts in Acts, how the Apostles and others in the early church determined when someone received the baptism/infilling of the Holy Ghost.  

Pastor's study notes/handout is can be downloaded here by clicking on the link for the attachment. Print it out and follow along.